Hit the streets on a stunningly handsome bike made from trees

bsg bikes

If you haven't upgraded from a Huffy yet, then a) how's middle school treating you? and b) now's the perfect time to, because BSG just debuted a range of incredibly beautiful, personalizable wooden bikes for you to handsomely ride on into adulthood.

bsg bike

Handcrafted by a pair of French designers, the two-wheeled whips are available in four subtly different models, each featuring a wide beech plywood frame and handlebars in the stain of your choice, from mahogany to rosewood. You also get to pick the color of the steel joints, fork, and seatstay they use to reinforce the wood's strength.

bsg bike seat

And, apart from the natural vibration-softening qualities of the wood, your ride'll be made even more comfortable thanks to their Brooks leather saddles.