Sleep harder by exercising nothing but your wallet

A recent study found that people who participate in strenuous workouts sleep the best, which makes sense, as even listening to those same people talk about how awesome their last CrossFit class was is downright exhausting. Because great sleep shouldn't just be for the active, here's stuff to cop that'll ensure a better night's rest in 1, 2, zzzzzz.LarkLifeThis wristband tracks your movements during the day/ sleep patterns at night using an iPhone app, and even monitors your circadian rhythms to advise the best time to sleep. In the morning, it'll "gently nudge you awake" using dynamic vibration -- strange, as that's the process many women use to put them to sleep. Read more about this incredible technology.NightfoodEating before bed can actually support a healthy night's sleep, as long as the thing you're eating doesn't rhyme with Moritos. Perfect for a late-night snack, it offers a mix of specially formulated blend of white chocolate, rolled oats, and soy protein nuggets. Gobble 'em.Memory Foam PillowsDitch the Breathe Right strips like every player in the NFL did after 2009 and instead rest yo head on these head-cradlers in order to stop snoring (or just for extra support whilst resting).Consumer Reports says the expensive ones aren't any better than those cheaper, so snag one for just $20.SheexLike Under Armour for the bed, these sheets are temperature controlled and can improve sleep quality. Many athletes you've never heard of swear by the stuff -- learn why.White NoiseWhite noise machines can be pricey, so instead fork over $.99 for a white noise app, or just leave your computer on SimplyNoise.com and enjoy the sweet sound of nothing for free.Do ItAs long as you didn't meet the person you're doing it with on Craigslist, sex is usually free, and according to WebMD, "the oxytocin released during orgasm promotes sleep".Photos by Callee MacAulay and Simon Eugster