Preppy wrist-tickers inspired by the (literal) streets

A subtler way to divulge your connection with the Big Apple than wearing an "I Heart NY" undershirt every day and/or becoming a miserably jaded chain smoker, Hudson River Watch Co.'s got a collection of nine wrist-tickers with dials inspired (and named) after notable Manhattan and Brooklyn streets, each honoring elements of their respective history and culture

Manhattan-centric pieces range from the Fulton Street, modeled after a steam ship dial for the street's ties to the shipping industry, to the Charlton, which mimics dials found on cigar humidors. Brooklyn, meanwhile, is repped by the likes of Berry and Cranberry, resembling vintage stopwatches in honor of the historic nearby flea markets

They're built-to-last, too, thanks to Swiss movements, stainless steel cases, and 150ft water-resistance. Plus, while each one comes with your choice of a leather or stainless steel band, they offer a slew of interchangeable NATO bands should you feel like mixing things up.