The collapsible seaplane James Bond would kill for

Following the FAA’s creation of a "Light Sport Aircraft" category — which basically hacks away months and even years from licensing and certification — former F-16 pilot Kirk Hawkins set out to free all us flightless masses. The result is the amphibious ICON A5. Its space-age exterior shouldn’t be surprising, ICON partnered with the same guys who built Virgin Galactic’s spaceships. The world is now a hop, skip, and plane jump away from you — well, a $189,000 plane jump.

With GPS, throttle, and a MP3 port, the A5's interior feels more like a sports car's. Even Otto would stay fully inflated flying around in this.

Behind on dues at your local hangar? Tight on space in the garage? The A5’s wings fold up for easy — well, relatively easy storage.

With cruising speeds ranging from 50 to 120, you can rifle through the air, or simply lean back, relax, and get your air hard-on Earhart on. Just don't go full Earhart...