Skateboards made from... other skateboards?

Three decks from Iris Skateboards

If Dr. Frankenstein were alive today, that'd be really messed up, because he was a fictional character, but he'd also undoubtedly be impressed by the work of a Cali skating enthusiast who's found a way to give new life to old, discarded skate decks, painstakingly assembling them piece-by-piece into... new skate decks! The result: Iris Skateboards

Each board incorporates wood from more than 20 old ones that would've found their way into the landfill, glued together and ground into shape in a process the founder first used to make a sculpted heart for his girlfriend (aww!). After that, he turned his efforts to more functional art, however, with models like the '80s-inspired Platypus and the Johnny Utah-inspired Point Break, which is actually a longer, wider version of the Ripride, modeled after the classic '70s board the owner's parents bought for him at a yard sale

They have a few truck and wheel options, but you can also score the Ripride in a deck-only model if you prefer to customize it with your own parts. No, Dr. Frankenstein, not human parts.