Just your average 963hp hybrid supercar

Generally about once a decade, Ferrari builds a new car that makes all other Ferraris seem a little pedestrian, or at least as pedestrian as an Italian supercar can get, and they've just built on that tradition by dropping LaFerrari, a car whose straightforward name belies the ridiculous complexity of tech that went into it:A 163hp electric motor powered by a Biggest Loser-worthy lightweight battery with the same juice as 40 normal ones assists the 800hp V12, combining for 963hp, which means LaFerrari hits 60mph in under 3sec en route to over 220mph.The body's made up of four different kinds of carbon fiber, which Ferrari swears was necessary to keep the car as light and strong as possible...... and the seats're actually built into the chassis to save even more weight, which necessitates things like movable pedals to allow the driver to make contact with them even though everyone'll just think Jodie Foster was making it all up.This thing was developed in part by the Ferrari F1 team, who gave it active aerodynamics -- it's got flaps under both the front and back of the car that move to help keep it steady while cornering at ultra-high speeds -- while other moving parts affect everything from cooling to how much air is forced into the engine for even more horsepower, which is kinda the engine equivalent of sticking Kirstie Alley in front of a buffet.