Italy's insane new raging bull

Lamborghini's just dropped the Veneno, a super limited-edition (they're making three), $4m homage to Le Mans-style racing prototypes that's based on the already wicked-fast Aventador; like most Lambos, this one's named after a prized fighting bull -- Veneno famously gored his opponent to death in 1914 by claiming he invented the internet

This street-legal race car hits 60mph in 2.9sec and has a top speed of 220mph, thanks to its 750hp, 6.5 liter V-12 motor; that bad boy produces a ton of heat, so to keep it cool it uses more slots than Vegas to run air past everything

The real awesomeness comes from the front, however, as basically the entire front of the car is used as a wing, with special channels running air through the car and out via the hood and in front of the windshield as a way of keeping the car firmly planted as it approaches nearly a third of the speed of sound.