Time-keepers that were made to run fast

If you have pieces of a car in your living room it could mean one of two things: either Grandma was driving at night again, or you discovered Ledon Racing's clocks, made out of retired Formula One cars that use crazy high-end materials to go as fast as possible. So they're absolutely perfect for impatient people.The guy's day job entails building carbon fiber race car pieces and being a lead mechanic and pit crew member for a leading Le Mans team, so he just uses whatever's left over when he's assembling things which is how he knows how to get ahold of all the ex-F1 pieces in the first place.This 4.5in clock uses a carbon fiber-backed gear out of a mid-2000s Honda F1 car, and comes with a numbered and laminated card explaining exactly what the part is and where it came from.In this case, the car in question was raced by 2009 World Champion Jenson "Don't-Call-Me-Easy-Even-Though-There's-A-Big-Red-Button-On-The-Side-Of-My-Car" Button. Or, go for this Force India brake component made out of more titanium than a bending unit. Yes, the team's actually called Force India...... because they're owned by the eccentric Indian billionaire who also owns Kingfisher Airlines, in which Robin Williams is shockingly not even a minority shareholder.