Channel your inner Frank Gehry with LEGO's new kit for adults

Sure, finishing a complex LEGO kit comes with a sense of accomplishment, but when it comes down to it, all it proves is you are no smarter than the 12+ year-olds they're designed for can successfully follow detailed instructions. Want a true challenge worthy of your grown-up smarts? Check out their latest release: the Architecture Studio.

Cool Hunting
Unlike other kits in their Architecture and Landmark Series (which includes scale models of everything from Falling Water to the Burj Kalifa), this one comes with 1200 monochromatic white and translucent bricks and no instructions, leaving it completely up to you to get creative and design something unique.
Cool Hunting
However, you aren't left completely on your own -- it comes with a special 272-page guidebook flush with tips, techniques, and intuitive hands-on exercises endorsed by several high-profile architecture firms like REX, SOM, MAD, and Sou Fujimoto to get you thinking like a professional designer.

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