Let your nerd flag fly like a grown man with these sophisticated throwback prints

You've got a grown up job, live in a grown up apartment, and do grown up things, so it's about damn time to retire those unframed band posters and fraying Sports Illustrated cutouts and hang some grown up art. But that doesn't require you leaping to dramatically blank walls dotted with black and white photos. Instead, have fun with it and let the things you loved as a non-adult grow up with you by framing Greg Guillemein's just-updated Lichtenstein-ian print series "The Secret Life of Heroes", which (classily) depicts everyone from Mario to Peter Pan cuttin' loose.And since superheroes may not be your bag, we've also rounded up a few other recently debuted throwback print collections that disguise other retro nerdery as modern art. Check it:

Cassette Tape BookletsWhat up, former mixtape-making music snob? Want to relive those glory days without going all John Cusack in High Fidelity? Snag one of these from artist Neil Stevens.

Calibur PrintsDid you grow up worshiping Doom? Wish your girlfriend would let you keep guns around? Go for second best with Calibur's prints of exploded AK-47s, AR-15s, M1911s, and M1 Garands.

Shogun WarriorsDid this '70s-era commercial bring you to beg your parents for one of these weaponized toys? Now you can collect all five... prints.

Cars and Films Were you a car nut from the get go? Was a DeLorean your dream ride? Jesus Prudencio's "Cars and Films" series features a whole slew of iconic whips from classic flicks, including the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, the Ghostbusters ambulance, and the Chevy Nova from Pulp Fiction.