Give your ears (exotic) wood

Stack of three different Troubadours laying on their side

Thanks to the unique "chambers" built into their over-ear exotic wood caps made out of leftover scraps from furniture and flooring companies 'round the world, new headphone brand LSTN's over-ear Troubadours produce warmer, more resonant audio than plastic or metal ones thanks to timber's natural acoustic qualities.Available in ebony, cherry, or beech, each pair rocks plush earcups for spectacularly comfortable long-term listening, removable 4ft nylon-wrapped cords, and ultra-flexible headbands for your Garbage Pail Kid-sized noggin. Plus, using them should make you feel all warm and tingly, since proceeds from every purchase goes towards charities helping kids with hearing loss.

Close up a Troubadour pair's ear cushions and headband