A gas-powered, 1/3-scale RC truck with anti-lock brakes

Shot of Mammuth's front end

Hungary's brought us greatness ranging from head-teasers like the Rubik's Cube to other head-teasers like their seemingly endless supply of porn stars, but possibly topping all of that on the Scale of Awesome is the Mammuth Works Rewarron, a totally insane remote-controlled truck that's now available to order

For starters, it's a six-foot-long, 175lb mini mountain-jumping beast made outta 180 hand-built bits. It's got a 350cc four-stroke gas motor (that's the size of a small sport bike's engine), an anti-lock brake system that's more complicated than what's in your car, the same style of shocks and struts you'd find on a race car, and even traction control, in case your PS3 control finger's a little rusty

To further establish itself as the king of your future mid-life childhood, it's operated via The Schwartz got a slew of remote telemetry sensors, so you can check everything from engine temp, to tire pressures, to GPS readings, to how many Gs it's pulling by using a touchscreen in your remote. You can even access the data in real time on the web, making it Hungary's second-best use of the internet

You absolutely owe it to your inner kid to watch this thing in action

Full body shot of Mammuth
Shot of Mammuth's rear end