If you can't get out of bed, can't stand caller ID, or just hate everything

New smartphone apps drop so often that trying to pick the best ones can make you feel... um, not smart. So, we picked the cream of this month's app-crop for you, including one that'll literally turn your photos into art, the world's most annoying alarm clock, and another that makes it easy to tell everyone how much you hate our choices.

RepixBesides being what you call that 2nd bracket you tried to sneak into the office pool after FGCU crushed Georgetown, Repix is a super-polished -- and already kinda-viral -- photo editing app that lets you "remix" pictures with the tip of your finger. Just take/upload a shot, then use their palette of brushes to add cartoon, charcoal, or a shton of other effects to the part you touch. Plus, you can purchase additional brushes that'll spread stars across the sky, make you seem like Van Gogh, or maybe even make it look like you had La Salle in the Sweet Sixteen.Hit their Vimeo page for how-to videos and all the links you need

Sleep If U CanThe self-proclaimed "world's most annoying alarm clock", Sleep If U Can won't let you turn the frickin' thing off until you take a photo that matches one of, say... your toilet... that you took the night before.Stop snoozing on this app and download it, right here

ThreadCasting Phoebe proved that a show can have too many friends, but people still can't. What people can have are so many friends in their contact list that they can't remember anything about half of 'em. Luckily, Thread's replaced your phone's caller ID program with a custom one that lets you see your most recent text/email conversations with someone, and read their latest tweets/Fbook posts.The video that walks you through it, and a download link, are right here

RandoRando's an experimental "anti-social photosharing app" on which things couldn't possibly get creepy, since all you do is send/receive completely random peephole-shaped photos (that you can't "like", share, comment on, etc.) to/from anonymous users you can never identify, save for intentionally vague location information like "Denmark", or "Moscow", or possibly "outside your apartment taking circular pictures of your living room." See? Not creepy!Get a peep into random strangers lives, here

HaterUntil now, social media's only let you "Like" things like your ex's new boyfriend (he's sooo cool and rich and handsome), or pictures of your friends frolicking on vacation without you. But Hater's decided that if they hate, then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up, though how they'll do the latter with a free app that finally lets you share your disdain for anything you take a picture of, still remains to be seen.Hate on anything except sweet websites that rhyme with "illist" by clicking here