A jet-powered kayak you can build in two minutes

Mokai ES jet-powered kayak

Because being up a creek without a paddle sucks almost as much as the movie Without a Paddle, power kayak-maker Mokai's just rolled out its ES-Kape, a $4800 water jet-powered kayak with a modular design that, like Caesar's Gaul, can be divided into three parts, only without all that pompous Latin stuff.Like previous Mokais, its jet stream's produced by a Subaru engine that's made to Mokai's specs and gets almost 45mpg while shooting you across the water at 17mph (that's mad fast for a kayak), and is made from 150 bits they manufacture in-house, including a special joystick that's located in the hull to reduce obstructions, because you definitely don't need any obstructions when you're playing with your joystick.But wait, there's more? Yep! This one's an all-new design -- it breaks down and can be self-contained using what they call nesting, which means that not only will it change your curtains and bedsheets after the 3rd date, it'll also fit snugly inside an average SUV -- the front and back can be pulled off and tucked in where your legs go -- and can be assembled in under two minutes when you get to the water.

Mokai ES-Kape design drawing
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