Grab everything on this list to throw the Super Bowl soiree to rule them all

You may think you're all ready to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers, but you'd be mistaken. 'Cause unless you've got each of these Super Bowl essentials, you're hosting a sad, subpar party. Treat the big game (and Beyonce) with the reverence it deserves by stockpiling on these must have items. From drinking tools to audio equipment, this guide has everything you need for several hours of tackles, touchdown dances, and talking animal commercials

Plated Super Bowl Appetizer BoxPlated realizes you're way too busy making Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh jokes to plan an actual menu for your Super Bowl party, which is why they're offering this convenient food package for your game day needs. Order a box of their Super Bowl appetizers and you'll get both the recipes and ingredients for five dishes that will serve 8-10 hungry guests. The spread includes bacon apple pizza, spinach artichoke dip, black bean and avocado nachos, BBQ baby back ribs, and Hello Dolly squares for dessert. Make sure to claim 15 percent off your order with the code Thrillist15

NFL Quad ChairsFeaturing dual cup holders, these NFL themed folding chairs are sure to prove their worth on game day by providing both comfort and functionality. Each chair measures 38 inches in height, 36 inches in width, 23 inches in depth, and supports up to 300 pounds, so its sure to fit even the biggest of linebackers

Vintage NFL CaseThe iPhone is known for many things: the apps, the processing power, its styling, Siri's mood swings. One thing the iPhone isn't known for? Ruggedness. Here to help change that, at least superficially, is this Vintage Football Laces iPhone case from Esty. This iPhone case is made out of hard but flexible plastic that protects your phone, while the detailed printing of a vintage pig skin keeps it looking pretty sporty

Media Mantel Electric FireplaceNothing sets the mood like a fireplace. Unfortunately, between all the cleaning and those pesky chimney fires, maintaining them can be a pain in the butt. Good old Bob from Bob's Discount Furniture is offering a solution to these problems with his line of Media Mantel Electric Fireplaces that he lovingly refers to as "Bob's Hotties". Designed to provide warmth with no flames, fumes, or clean up, this fireplace is sure to add a bit of ambiance to your media center

92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTVFully aware of the "go bigger or go home" mindset of today's consumer, Mitsubishi decided to push the boundaries of convention and developed one of the world's largest flat panel televisions available on the market. The beast that is the 92″ Class 3D Home Cinema TV uses the same DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology found in most cinemas to deliver rich and detailed high definition pictures. Other features include Stream TV Internet Media, Immersive Sound Technology, Bluetooth streaming capabilities, and full 3D functionality

Triple Buffet Server and Warming TrayNothing ruins a good party as quickly as food that's gone cold -- not even that one guy who keeps yelling requests for "Free Bird". Providing a stylish and practical solution to this problem is the Triple Buffet Server and Warming Tray by Bella. Featuring three removable 2 1/2 quart chafing dishes, variable heating controls, Cool-touch handles, and a base that can be used as a stand alone warming tray with a 300 watt power source, this handy appliance is sure to keep your food warm and your guests (yes, even Mr. Free Bird) happy

Klipsch S-20 SpeakersHere to make sure that your friends feel every bone-breaking NFL tackle, Michael Bay explosion, or even just the opening credits to CSI: Miami are these S-20 Surround Speakers by Klipsch. Delivering quality movie-like sound reproduction all while looking pretty badass, the S-20 is sure to make that sack sound as painful as it looked

iGrillNothing is more embarrassing than having to be reminded by the sweet melody of a smoke alarm that you're cooking. This nifty little Bluetooth food thermometer allows the absent minded or otherwise distracted grill master in all of us to monitor our food from up to 200 feet away.

Bottle-Opening Universal RemoteIt's a scientific fact that few things in this world go together as well as watching sports on television while drinking a beer. With the Clicker™ Bottle-Opening Universal Remote you can avoid unnecessary kitchen runs by always having a bottle opener within arms reach

WilliamsWarn Personal BreweryIn hopes of improving upon civilization even further, the craftsmen at WillamsWarn created this stylish line of personal breweries. The sleek-looking WillamsWarn Personal Brewery allows you to brew up to 23 liters of professional quality beer, ranging in flavors from a cool summer ale to a very proper English ale in as little as seven days.

NFL Helmet BowlDoing their part to beef up the defensive line of your snacks, the football fans at Wincraft came up with this line of NFL team helmet snack bowls. These authentic, life size helmets feature officially licensed team logos along with a three sectioned design that is perfect for holding your favorite game day chips, dips, nuts, or candy. The three sections are also removable to ensure that clean up is easy.

Rosle Pizza WheelOn the badass-o-meter, cutting pizza ranks pretty low, right between figure skating and toy chihuahuas. Proving that anything can get bumped up a few notches on the old meter with the right tool is the Rosle Pizza Wheel. Featuring a free-running roller blade housed in an ergonomically-designed handle for maximum comfort, it's sure to make you feel at one with the edge when you're showing that sausage and pepperoni who's boss

Cooper CoolerBy spraying ice cold water onto your beverage container, the Cooper Cooler is able to chill cans from room temperature to the desired drinking temperature in one minute, bottles in three minutes, and wine bottles in six minutes. It also features an extra-chill mode for those of you who enjoy your drinks teeth-chattering cold, as well as a heating function.

Presto Pizzazz Pizza MakerThis open-air pizza cooker features a rotating, non-stick baking tray with adjustable top and bottom heating elements to ensure even baking, whether it's raising dough or heating a thin crust. The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven is also energy efficient, using as much as 60% less energy than a conventional oven without the need to pre-heat.

Krups BeerTenderThe guys over at Krups take their beer pretty seriously, so they've developed the ultimate home draft beer system to serve their Dutch delicacy the right way. The Krups B100 BeerTender is specifically designed to serve Heineken, Heineken Premium Light, and Newcastle Brown Ale at their optimal serving temperature of 37.4° F. This personal draft system looks sleek in any setting and is sure to impress your fellow beer connoisseur friends.

BeerfrosterBeer is good, cold beer is really good, and really cold beer is even better. The problem with getting your beer to frosty temperatures is that bottles and cans tend to crack and rupture in the freezer. Understanding this dilemma, the good people at Summit Appliances developed the Beerfroster. With its highly accurate adjustable thermostat, the Beerfroster is able to chill your favorite barley nectar to temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit, giving your beer the crisp, sharp taste that beer lovers crave.

Executive Series NFL Team WatchesSince painting your face in your team's colors to show your love is not acceptable everyday behavior, Game Time designed the Executive Series line of NFL watches. With officially licensed team logos, the Executive Series line of watches feature stainless steel bracelets and alloy casings -- plus they're water resistant to depths of up to 99 feet. Highlighted with gold accents, the Executive Series can be worn to the big game or a night on the town

Blacktop 360 Grill-FryerThe grilling gods have smiled upon us mere mortals and delivered onto us the Black Top Party Hub 360 Grill-Fryer. This hybrid sports a deep fryer in the center of 452 square inches of cooking space, which includes an inferred grill, griddle, and a warming plate. This allows you to grill a couple of steaks, deep fry a batch of chicken wings, and heat up some sausages all while keeping your buns warm.

SlingboxSlingbox has been around a while, and frankly we're shocked you don't already own one. The set-up is simple: you hook up a Slingbox to your broadband connection, and to your video source -- whether it's satellite, cable, or the TiVo you've used to collect every episode of That's So Raven (including the rarely rerun pilot wherein Raven frenches Theo Huxtable).

Football Cocktail ShakerThe perfect toy to kickoff the big game, this nifty full-sized faux-pigskin unscrews to reveal an inner watertight chamber big enough to hold 335 mL of liquid; fill it up with booze and mixer, screw on tight, and give the foam-insulated ball a few tosses to shake up the manliest watermelon-peach cosmo you'll ever drink with your pinky out

Beer BouquetThese guy-friendly "bouquets" are the brainchild of an NYC graphic designer, who'll work up a bucket with the team logo of your choosing (NCAA, NFL, NASCAR...), then stuff it with your preferred six-pack, a bottle opener, an also-logo'd koozie, and a bag of NC's "finest" peanuts, so have fun hanging with Yancey Pigpen.