A belt that'll hold your pants up AND save your life

The No. 11 Survival Belt's not only a rugged, Indiana Jones-worthy pants holder-upper, but could also save your hide in no less than 25 non-trouser related emergencies, as it's constructed from incredibly durable material and can transform into various tools in snap.The secret to its versatility lies in the strands of paracord that hold together the buckle and hole-bored leather strips at either end. When released (by unsnapping two pieces of brass hardware), the paracord stretches out to 27ft, and can support up to 650lbs. To that end, it's recommended list of (alternate) uses include everything from a towing a 4-wheeler, to dragging a deer out of the woods, to "lower[ing] food, water & supplies to a person stranded in a pit" aka normal things regular belt-wearing people do alllll the time.