Now's your chance to live in Chuck Norris's house

Published On 07/30/2013 Published On 07/30/2013

While it may come as a shock, Chuck Norris does not go home to a tricked out, blast-proof log cabin in the woods every night. He, in fact, lives in a very nice, shockingly charming 7000+sqft ranch-style home in Dallas. But not for long, because now it's on the market, and it could be yours for a mere $1.2M. Let's take a peek inside:

Welcome to the compound! The pool is pretty decent. Unfortunately no grotto, though.

So this is the type of bathroom Walker, Texas Ranger money can build you.

Damn, check out this closet! It's full of women's clothes. Which are probably his wife's. Probably.

If you're Chuck Norris, of course you work out staring at posters of yourself.

Check out the kitchen. Anyone else find it a bit suspect that a man of such strength would have a trash compactor? Use your hands, dude!

This screening room is perfect for a Walker marathon.

This is probably the room in which he regales guests with stunning renditions of both Chopsticks and Heart & Soul

Odds there's an entrance to a fallout shelter larger than this house hidden behind one of these bookcases? Very good.