This fiber optic-powered vest might save your life

Trio of Tracer360s in the dark

Making it less likely cars'll clip you while you're running/cycling/parkouring at night, Noxgear's Tracer360's an LED-illuminated vest that uses fiber optics to provide enough of an eye-catching visual to alert even the most distracted, sexting drivers that you are super hardcore and work out in the dark.

Thought up during an intense game of nighttime ultimate frisbee and made to withstand all weather conditions, each ultra-adjustable, non-restricting, torso-wrapping rig provides much better protection than a standard reflector vest, as it's equipped with several "360-degree" illumination modes in which it'll blink, pop, or even burst.

Front and back view of Tracer360s on the body
Pink Tracer360 being held up in the dark