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And now, a handheld Xbox

Because it's 2013 and you should be able to play the hottest videogames anywhere you damn please, the NVIDIA SHIELD's a slick handheld Xbox-esque gaming system that dropped jaws when it was revealed at CES earlier this year. And now, it can be yours.

Boasting an Xbox 360-style, console-grade controller attached to a flip-open 720p retinal multi-touch screen, it's WiFi-enabled, has integrated high-qual speakers, and runs on Android, meaning that in addition to access to a whole run of games optimized for the device, you'll also be free to use apps and watch shows.

Plus, if you're ever in the thick of Skyrim on your computer and need a bathroom break, you won't need to soil yourself pause playing because it can also stream games direct from your PC without lag.

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