Soap that doesn't make you smell like your girlfriend's overnight bag

Perfumed soaps are, simply put, great. They smell all clean and make you forget the disgusting you left behind in the wash closet. But — for a long time now — they have belonged to women with their lavenders and citrus fruits and scents generally bringing about a sensory reaction that lends to the fairer sex. No more. Outlaw Soaps are bringing the funk with such masculine soaps as Fire in the Hole: Gigsville Campfire Soap, Hangman's Soap and Bacon Soap. For $10 and below, they're another step towards reclaiming the bathroom.
While they've made a name for themselves with masculine scents named as much, we're still about that feminine touch, and for Outlaw Soaps it comes in the form of their Unicorn Poop—whose sh*t really doesn't stink.

Additionally, the sudsmen are launching a Kickstarter tomorrow. The Hang Over is a shower caddy that offers a home for the only real essential after a bender: more booze.