Pass out in your car like a king

If you have a car, then you’ve tried to sleep in the backseat. Tried being the operative word. It’s uncomfortable and narrow and the reason you brought that mildewy tent to the music festival, or booked countless bedbug-infested motel rooms on your cross-country roadtrip. This is all when you'd prefer the relatively clean (definitely more hygienic) comfort of your car with its sound system, controlled temperatures, and general privacy/security. The Fuloon Inflatable Backseat Car Mattress provides you with a way to bridge that gap, designed to fit virtually every car. It inflates into the legroom you seem to always wake up in, and covers the seatbelts that dig into your side — all the while making your backseat the width of an actual bed. That means you can even sleep two to this thing. Just don’t be the guy that uses his backseat mattress as a pick-up line, no matter how comfortable it is.

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