An Italian design firm goes crazy on a Ferrari

Published On 03/08/2013 Published On 03/08/2013

For decades, Pininfarina's been designing some of the most exotic car shapes in the world for carmakers like Ferrari, Maserati, Cadillac, and Alfa Romeo; to commemorate the 2012 passing of their patriarch, they've just dropped the eponymous Sergio, in which they chopped a perfectly fine Ferrari 458 Italia (which they designed), and turned it into... this: Italians have a rep for being a passionate people, so it should come as no surprise that they describe the car as being a 1960s throwback that has a "bulging and sensual" front that's "penetrating into a rear that is projected forward"; the pieces that serve a specific aerodynamic purpose are left black, while the rest -- the fenders and doors, etc. -- are painted red, which probably bugs the crap outta Mick Jagger. There's no windshield, so the functional inlet in black in front of where one would normally be is actually a wing that sends the air shooting up and over the cockpit, but despite the wind-in-your-hair feel, you should still probably wear a helmet if you don't want bugs in your face. Because this was based on a 458, it's got a perfectly normal, albeit tweaked interior... ... but like any good Italian throwback, it's got a couple of wild swingers on each side. Watch this vid to see the car go from concept to reality: