Get better deals on all the stuff you want

Helping you save big money with little effort while shopping online, PoachIt's a new web app that uses patent-pending tech to not only track and alert you whenever the price drops on stuff you want, but also provide valid discount codes for it, should you know nothing of the virtue of patience, and feel compelled to buy that bulk pack of Chinese finger traps on the spot. To get started, simply drag their special button into your bookmarks bar and click it any time you want to snag a relevant coupon code or add an item (any item! from almost any website!) to your "Poach List" to track its price. When the price drop comes, they'll send an email alert with a link back to its purchase page, and you can even conveniently keep tabs on all those Hot Topic tees you're tracking on a Pinterest-eque board. Plus, they let you peep a stream of the most popular and best deals being scored by fellow users at any given moment.Photo: TheEpochTimes.com