Stop looking like you went on a bender last night

When you wake up having spent the previous night burning the midnight oil — either working on a morning presentation, or simply three sheets to the wind — your eyes, and the bags there under, do a fine job in letting everyone from your supervisor to girlfriend know. And after awhile, you begin looking like an HR violation-in-wait. Don't be an HR violation-in-wait.
Polaar (returning from their Arctic and Antarctic adventures with pocketfulls of Siberian Ginseng and Tetrapeptrides, both ingredients from local flora that flourish in the harsh Polar climates) have taken their Icy Magic formula and repackaged it as convenient Eye Patches, available in portable two-packs. Stick 'em on while chugging water from the faucet in the kitchen sink. Or while responding to your project team's request for the final few slides before meeting in the conference room. The energizing and cooling effects are immediate; the toning and reduction of dark circles/puffiness following shortly after. With a recommended month's treatment costing only $25, a bright and shiny tomorrow awaits.