See time like the the Wachowski siblings with this watch

Published On 02/04/2013 Published On 02/04/2013

While Neo was the king of cool thanks to his excessively stylish trench coat, it's also important to appreciate the sophistication that was Agent Smith. On top of being a big fan of tailored suits, the man was very particular about his wrist bling. Taking on the challenge of developing a wristwatch that even Agent Smith would admire, the guys at Biegert & Funk created the Qlocktwo W

Based on their award-winning Qlocktwo and Qlocktwo Touch wall clocks, Biegert & Funk brings the concept of telling time with words to the world of watches. Featuring 110 time-telling letters that light up with the touch of a button, a 24mm leather band, and a stainless steel casing the comes in black (brushed or polished), the Qlocktwo is sure keep your wrist exceptionally stylish while you dodge bullets in slow motion.



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