A personal delivery of stuff you never knew you needed

Are you tired of buying things, then having some company send you the exact same thing you ordered? Of course you are; certainty is for herbs. Enter Quarterly, the extremely unique service that ships you a parcel filled with extremely unique things curated by at least mildly unique people (JK, they're totally unique) once every three months.If it sounds crazy, that's because it is, but therein lies the beauty. You just plunk down $25-$50, choose from their list of contributors -- a group of influencers who're cool enough to probably hate the term "influencer", from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian to 4-Hour Workweek author Tim Ferriss -- and four times a year, you'll get a box of awesome delivered to your door.The best way to wrap your head around it is to take a look at examples of what you might get. Here're three:"Near futurist" and Gizmodo Editor-In-Chief Joel Johnson's sends are "guided by the (figurative) spirit of my grandma, Vivian... If you enjoy good smells, quiet mornings (about to erupt with the screams of ornery children), and a worldly sense of style filtered through post-Depression hillbilly pragmatism, this box is for you". More importantly, the last guy to whom he sent something is currently making cornbread with the above. And that's only $6.25 worth of the yearly take!Behance founder Scott Belsky will be damned if he doesn't send you "a nicely packaged source of both productivity and fascination". That could mean AeroShot energy boosters, a bunch of planting materials you never realized you wanted, or, most importantly, this astronaut ice cream. Nothing is more productive than astronaut ice cream.Menswear blogger Megan Collins hasn't sent anything yet, but who cares, because she's cute. And promises stuff from "pocket squares to tie bars, dress socks to specialty grooming products". And she's cute. And unique or whatever!