A sound system made of gazelles and snakes

Speakers from Rinz Sound in a living room

Rinz Sound makes spectacularly luxe pairs of 4ft-tall wireless triangular beat-blasters that're not only top-notch acoustically, but're also constructed from pieces of recycled glass blended with "ethically sourced" exotic materials, like colored gazelle skin and "cream water snake", so you can easily discern them from your normal water snake speakers.The sets get made entirely by hand, and're even color-matched to the interior of whichever room you plan to put them in. Sound-wise, they were developed in collaboration with one of Great Britain's greatest audio engineers, handle 150 watts apiece, and're stocked with three-way woofers.

Speakers from Rinz Sound near a fireplace
Blue speakers from Rinz Sound
Speakers from Rinz Sound in the grass
Speakers from Rinz Sound next to a fireplace