This car has a satellite-aided transmission

In the 1986 film The Wraith, Charlie Sheen played a sort of ghost that went around avenging his own death by killing a gang of baddies using an invincible supercar. The 2013 cousin to the four-door Rolls-Royce Ghost, the two-door Wraith uses seriously high tech goodies to achieve a level of responsiveness that borders on the supernatural

The Wraith's eight-speed transmission was designed by an ex-Formula One gearbox guru, and uses a combination of satellite positioning and roadmaps to anticipate what gear you'll need to be in just a few seconds up the road..

… to best take advantage of the 624hp V12 motor that sits underneath the hood -- it's capable of hauling the 5200lb (that's heavy) car to 60mph in 4.4sec and 155mph before it runs into an electric governor that's somehow still more personable than Rick Perry

Old-school suicide doors (RR calls 'em "coach doors"), open from the front to lead from a steel body held together by exactly 6364 spot welds, to an expansive interior..

that's filled with a far, far better quality of leather than you'll find on the NJ "tanning mom"

There's also a ton of hand-finished wood called Canadel Paneling, named after Sir Henry Royce's vacation spot in France

and 1340 fiber optic lights hand-woven into the headliner to replicate a "starry night", though if you're seeing the world like Van Gough, you definitely wanna ride in the back seat

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