Go Mach 2.0 for under $100k

For the ultimate in Cold War fun, Airplanes USA is selling this MiG 21; the Soviet Union's rival to the American F4 fighter jet was noted both for having an even stranger nose than Barbra Streisand, and for being able to go Mach 2.0, which is exactly 507.33 times the speed of Streisand. This particular plane was originally flown by the Hungarian Air Force as a trainer -- so it's got two seats -- before being obtained by the US Navy and used to check out test pilots; eventually it was handed off to the San Diego Flight Museum, where it's been meticulously maintained, and flown by a couple of Astronauts ever since.Like any good resume, this thing's got self-start capability, along with upgraded instrumentation like an 80,000ft altimeter, an artificial horizon, an extra fuel tank, English flight manuals, and, because the only thing reliable in the Soviet Union was the bribability of officials, a tow bar to help it get to where it needs to be.This is what the US Government thought of the plane back in the '60s.