The Star Trek Tricorder is (about to be) a real thing

Scanadu Scout

Because going to the ER every time you feel like you're dying is super-annoying, the Scanadu Scout's a palm-sized device capable of measuring all your vital signs at home in 10 seconds, turning you into your own first responder -- as long as you don't pass out while using it

Simply hold it against your forehead for 10 seconds and, using the same processing tech found in the Mars Rover, it'll give a reading (via Bluetooth on your phone) of everything from your heart rate, skin & core temp, and oximetry (i.e. your blood-oxygen level), to respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, and even emotional stress, which, considering you're freaked out enough to check your vital signs, will probably be pretty high.

Man checking vitals with the Scanadu Scout

Plus, it's even useful when you're not having a medical emergency, letting you monitor data day-to-day, and share it with your doctor in order to make regular checkups more productive.