Arm your home from your phone

Helping you guard your crib from afar without having to hire a young Macaulay Culkin to line your halls with Micro Machines, the Scout Alarm's a slick, new, easy-install DIY security system that you manage from a smartphone. Operating via Wi-Fi from a small base station that plugs directly into a wireless router, you can network any number of open/close monitors (for doors, windows...) and motion sensors around your pad. And, thanks to its dedicated app, you can customize how each one responds to being triggered, from sending you a text/phone call, to auto-alerting the cops that Joe Pesci is trying to zipline into your treehouse.What's more, you have options when it comes to activating/deactivating: either with the app, or by swiping a special fob across an included RFID arm/disarm panel, making you feel all the more secure when Home Alone.