It's never too early to invest in a wonderfully tacky holiday sweater

Holiday traditions are important. Perhaps none more than strutting around in an ugly knitted sweater around Christmastime. But who wants to deal with that last-minute scramble to find one that knocks it out the park? That's where Shredder Apparel has you (literally) covered.Launched by a crew of friends who realized there weren't enough knit sweater manufacturers out there catering to their needs, Shredder just debuted a handful of pre-orderable, spectacularly irreverent $80 knitted sweaters, bedecked with the likes of the Wu Tang Clan's logo, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, sasquatch, and six others that guarantee your cookie and candy-bloated midriff will catch the eyes of every party guest come December.Plus, you won't even have a chance to ruin the surprise by showing it off too early, because while you can order one now, it won't hit your doorstep until a few weeks before X-mas.