Never lose your wallet or phone again

Billfold open, with SmartWallit hung on credit card slot

Making it less likely you'll lose the second most valuable set of goods attached to you at all times, the SmartWallit's a thin, new, Bluetooth 4.0-powered dongle that fastens to the credit card slot in your billfold and constantly monitors the proximity between it and your smartphone, sounding a beeping alert on either when it's moving too far out of range of the other. And, thanks to a proprietary app, they can also help find each other (within the same room/house) by simply hitting a search button on the app, or an actual button on the device.It's even equipped with ambient light sensors that record when and where you open your bifold, allowing you to have that data relayed to the app, should you be curious to see trends in spending habits, or just need a hint as to where the hell you spent so much money last night.

Preview of app showing location/spending tracker
View of tracker from side, inside wallet
Shot of tracker on top of leather wallet