SONTE Digital Shades

Sick of those lame ass clear windows in your Mom's basement? Wish you had the ability to block out pesky paparazzi at the flick of a switch? Sonte Digital Shades heard your bizarrely specific cry, and now they've answered it.Their approach to privacy joins a growinglist of home goods that will inevitably take over the human race gradually update our 20th century homes with 22nd century tech.

Reaching their Kickstarter goal a mere two days shy of it's deadline, they're expected to hit the market sometime around September (but act quick, and you could snag 'em before then).

The beauty of Sonte is that unlike previous technologies like Smart Glass, which similarly could switch from non-transparent to transparent in a flash, it doesn't require replacing full window panes and partitions, as it can be retro-fit onto any existing surface, and has minimal impact on the appearance and clarity.

Installation couldn't be simpler, either: just measure, cut, peel, and stick any sized sheet directly onto the glass surface you'd like to activate. Then connect it to an included WiFi-enabled transformer, boot up the Android/iOS app, turn it on and welcome our new robot overlords into your heart enjoy. Want proof? Treat yourself to the video (and its not-at-all-obnoxious soundtrack) above.

Inside tip: when frosty mode is activated, you've got full clearance to project whatever it is you want to watch onto them. Just a heads up - your neighbors will definitely be able to tell what it is. Don't forget this. Seriously.