Stun-gun iPhone case ... 'cause why not?

Everyone’s abuzz about iPhone 5S rumors, but there’s another Apple-related product that might be a little more, um, stunning. Yellow Jacket, a Louisiana-based tech company, has devised the world’s first stun-gun case for iPhone. It’s a mini-taser carrying 650,000 volts — which isn’t enough to do any real damage, but it will surely get the point across. Who doesn’t want to send a jolt of shut-the-f*ck-up towards their gabbin' coworkers? Oh, and don't worry — if you're a putz, there are a couple safety features that ensure you don't end up the joltee. These things do double as an extra battery pack for when your phone is dying, but all these doodahs will set you back $139.99. All for the 4/4S, they come in five different colors (red not pictured below).