The Siri of desks tells you when to take a break

Published On 09/27/2013 Published On 09/27/2013

Think your desk already has command over your life figuratively? Try sitting in front of the Stir Kinetic Desk, a new office workstation with an on-board computer that literally commands you to get your numb butt out of the chair and moving around. From a former Apple guy who helped build the first iPods, Stir sits on motorized, telescoping legs capable of slowly shifting the work surface up and down from chair to standing heights — and anywhere in between — when it thinks you should change things up.


While its mission is to maximize your energy levels and keep you healthy, could it not adapt evolve to form more insidious motives after dealing with your abusive tapping and typing for a while? Really hungover? You're not sitting down at all today, buddy. Drop the ball on a conference call? Take a lap seat. Randomly aroused midday? It will know. And it will make you stand up. And then HR will be called. And then, yeah. Not good.


Those are just hypotheticals, but here are established facts: it will retail for nearly $4000, there is a compartment with built-in outlets and USB ports for charging your smaller gadgets, and a touchscreen to manually control height. Plus it's both WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, in anticipation of forthcoming integration with third-party activity trackers like the FitBit.



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