This calendar is your new personal assistant

From the same team behind Apple's all-knowing e-mistress, Siri, Tempo's a new "smart calendar" app that can do everything from provide driving directions and parking tips near scheduled meetings, to send automated "running late" texts or emails to its attendees

Once launched, it'll sync with all your email accounts & iPhone contacts, and begin to create calendar entries for meetings along with participants' phone numbers/ emails, documents/attachments in your inbox pertinent to the agenda, and links to LinkedIn profiles of confirmed attendees.

It makes bigger leaps by adding birthday reminders for Facebook friends, providing flight status updates when you're traveling, suggesting nearby, group-friendly locations via Yelp & Foursquare, and will even autodial the number + access code for any scheduled conference call. Plus, like Siri, it's designed to grow even smarter the more you use it.