The 10 coolest 3D-printed things on Shapeways for under $100 bucks

While it'll be a while before we each own 3D printers to spin out products, toys, tools, and other, smaller 3D printers on a whim, there're plenty of incredibly cool pieces you can get made via someone else's right now. To that end, we've rounded up the 10 coolest items currently up for grabs from Dutch 3D printshop Shapeways. And with everything from desk toys and home goods, to cufflinks and miniature Keanu Reeveses, you shouldn't have trouble finding something you'll want.

triple gear

Triple Gear: This desk toy should keep your hands busy while thinking, as its intertwined gears spin in sync in a hypnotizing motion.

antler switch plate

Antler Switch Plate Cover: Get your light switches all horned up… the make them hold your phone

daft punk cufflinks

Daft Punk cufflinks: Sold separately, the left and right pieces. respectively, are modeled after the helmets worn by each member of the iconic duo. Oh, and if you're that big of a fan, check out this full-sized replica.

iphone tuba amp

Tuba iPhone Amp: Pump tunes from your phone for much, much less than you'd spend on a Jambox or UE Boom

joseph ducreaux figure

Joseph Ducreaux figure: An homage to the Joseph Ducreax self-portrait/"Archaic Rap" meme, this guy should cheer you up no matter where you put it.

itty bitty sad keanu

Speaking of memes, it's an itty bitty Sad Keanu!

crania anatomica filigre

Crania Anatomica Filigre: A classy, morbid addition to your desk/bookshelf, this skull sculpture is made from an amalgam of complex patterns

mini eames chair

Mini Eames Chair: Sad Keanu needs somewhere to sit, guys

solo e sola

Solo e Sola: Vices are better enjoyed together

mario mobius strip

Mario Mobius Strip: Get a peek at Level 1 from Super Mario Bros at any time, complete with 3D turtles, clouds, stars, mushrooms, and "?" blocks