Literally hundreds of the world's hottest cars just debuted. Here are 11 of the finest.

Published On 03/08/2013 Published On 03/08/2013

For over 100yrs, the Geneva International Motor Show has been a place for manufacturers to drop their newest and greatest creations. This year, the show was a little crazy, with everything from hybrids that top 900hp, to 200mph sedans, to a car that steers with its rear tires. Because 10 isn't a prime number, here are 11 of the absolute best the show had to offer: Pininfarina Sergio To commemorate the 2012 passing of their patriarch, Italian design firm Pininfarina just dropped the eponymous Sergio, in which they chopped a perfectly fine Ferrari 458 Italia (which they designed), and turned it into... this. Read the full story... GTA Spano After nearly 20yrs as a leading Spanish racing team, the peeps at Spania started dreaming of something much more powerful than windmills and designed the 900hp, twin-turbo Viper V10-powered GTA Spano, of which they'll build 99 units. Read the full story... Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Since 1928, Italy's Touring Superleggera has been making custom bodies that're more gorgeous than the work of all but the very best Beverly Hills surgeons, and now they've stuck a new version of the Alfa Romeo C52 Disco Volante body onto a 450hp Alfa Romeo 8C chassis. Read the full story... Spyker B6 Venator The latest model from the Dutch namesake that produced its first car in the 1800s and built planes during WWI before going dormant for a few decades, the Spyker B6 Venator is a retro-futuristic airplane homage that's totally the long-lost Lindbergh/Earhart love child. Read the full story... Porsche 911 GT3 For 2014, the 911 GT3 ups the ante with rear wheels that actually steer at varying angles based on speed, which Porsche claims increases both agility and stability by virtually increasing or decreasing the car's length by up to 20in, effectively doing what not even Pfizer can. Read the full story... Lamborghini Veneno Lamborghini's just dropped the Veneno, a super-limited-edition $4M homage to Le Mans-style racing prototypes that's named after a prized fighting bull -- Veneno famously gored his opponent to death in 1914 by claiming he invented the internet. Read the full story... Rolls-Royce Wraith The 2013 cousin to the four-door Rolls-Royce Ghost, the two-door Wraith uses seriously high-tech goodies like a satellite-aided transmission to achieve a level of responsiveness that borders on the supernatural. Read the full story... LaFerrari A 163hp electric motor powered by a Biggest Loser-worthy lightweight battery with the same juice as 40 normal ones assists the 800hp V12, combining for 963hp, which means LaFerrari hits 60mph in under 3sec en route to over 220mph. Read the full story... McLaren P1 Because that whole "first is the worst, second is the best" thing is only really true in elementary school, McLaren's built its brand new P1 hybrid supercar "to be the best driver’s car in the world on road and track". Read the full story... Bentley Flying Spur While most cars that can hit 200mph are pretty uncomfortable to drive or ride in, Bentley's taken a different approach by developing its new Flying Spur, a.k.a. the fastest hotel on wheels, as probably the most comfortable 200mph car in the world. Read the full story... Alfa Romeo 4C Having been mostly without Alfa Romeos practically since the time when it was still technically possible for Dustin Hoffman to sleep with an older woman, America's about to get the all-new 4C, Alfa's baby version of the Ferrari- and Maserati-based 8C. Read the full story...