The 8 subscription clubs that're actually worth your money

With new and unique of-the-month clubs cropping up all the time, you could easily sign up for 'em all and have access to everything you need and want without ever leaving the house. And as tempting as that may sound, it's probably not worth dipping into your 401(k) to keep the gig running. So to help you suss out which ones are definitely worth the investment, we rounded up eight winners.

Craft Coffee
A must for any coffee guy, Craft's experts curate monthly shipments of three different samples (ground or whole bean, enough for 40+ cups) from dozens of different roasters, introducing you to fresh and high-qual blends that, if you fall in love, you can order in full-size bags.

Bacon Freak's Bacon Is Meat Candy Club
Be surprised with a monthly box of two different 1lb packs of gourmet hog candy, deliciously marinated and spiced into a range of flavors like apple cinnamon, jalapeno, vanilla bourbon, pepper, and straight-up hickory smoked.

Birchbox's Man Box
Hate shopping for grooming products/accessories? Don't know why you should even be using them? These meticulously curated monthly packages come with a selection of sample-sized grooming products (e.g., body wash, face/shave creams, sunglasses, belts, hair stuff...) from top-notch purveyors, along with a sheet describing each and why/how you should use it.

Dollar Shave Club
DSC will help you keep a close shave on the daily and save you a ton of money thanks to a tiered monthly razor club that sends you five cartridges per month for as little as $1. Feeling fancy? Their top-of-the-line package will set you back just $9/month.

Rather than empty your wallet at GNC on a bunch of stuff that ends up doing nothing for you, JackedPack will send you a box chock full of sample-sized sports supplements (energy bars, protein powders, fat burners, "healthy snacks") to try out on a trial basis.

SlantShack's Jerky of the Month Club
Three 4oz bags of delicious "impeccably prepared" grass fed beef jerky every single month. Need we say more?

Ankle Swagger
Quit walking around in boring, worn-out feet sheaths and instead sign up for one of AS's two plans to receive two or four shipments of three pair of socks in bright colors and edgy designs that pair as well with nice jeans as a suit.
$33 or $36 per month

While you'll never quite know what to expect in each quarterly shipment, each one comes stocked with a selection of luxe products and "experiences" curated around a common theme. For example, their "Study" pack included a limited edition Loden Dager folio, engraved travel case, fountain pen, and a new novel.