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This roof box can transform your road trip into a cruise

The greatest two-for-one deal since they put PB & J in one jar, The Boatpack's a new roof box system that not only provides 23 cubic feet of storage space to keep you well-stocked during road trips, but -- when removed and flipped over -- also transforms into a lightweight dinghy. For dinghying! Or boating, or whatever.

It's made from ultra-durable acrylic-capped ABS plastic and weighs just 45lbs, but can handle a load of 360lbs on the water -- enough to comfortably fit two average adults, or one who's grossly above average. And, to make sure you don't just float there like a log, they come equipped with wooden seats, rowlocks & two folding oars, and can even handle a small outboard electric motor if you prefer cruising at a quicker clip.

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