The cast iron skillet your kitchen is begging for

Operating out of a micro-foundry in Syracuse, Borough Furnace is a new outfit turning out top-notch, kitchen-enhancing cast iron skillets (and bottle openers!) using special equipment they had custom built with proceeds from a successful crowdfunding campaign. And unlike similar metal casting operations, they're focused on making minimal impact on the environment, by both reducing their level of energy consumption using waste vegetable oil in their furnace, and melting only scrap iron.

Each of the long-handled, 9in frying skillets in their current stock comes with a large and convenient second handle on the opposite side for easier heft, and're preseasoned with organic flax seed oil.

And as soon as they catch up with production (they're pouring and finishing 2-3 castings per day for now), they'll debut a range of braising skillets, with even more to follow.