The Singer 'New York' is the sexiest Porsche you've ever seen

Singer, a Los Angeles-based custom shop, has been around for a few years now. They've slowly been honing their craft through a pretty compelling business model: you bring them a 1990-94 Porsche 911, a bunch of cash (something north of $190,000, preferably), and they give you a one-off restoration/modification that the world has never seen before. Their latest triumph, a car dubbed "New York," has been completely reshaped into a timeless classic. Bespoke interior, custom carbon fiber bodywork, a retro-race inspired aesthetic, and cutting edge tech are all part of the package.

Timeless luxury meets McQueen performance. Everybody wins.

Every inch of the car has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb. No part of that dial is original, yet it looks the way that Porsche should have always designed it.

Look at that subtle off-brown coloring, the tasteful stitching on it — my god, it even has a custom gas cap.

Whatever this is, it looks awesome.

While the frame might be from the 1990s the styling screams '60s and '70s.