Buy basically every Ferrari hypercar this weekend

1997 Ferrari F50

Lake Como's best known for the beautiful scenery, intense wealth, and stunning women, all of which thankfully look nothing like Perry Como. The Villa Erba auction takes place this weekend, right at the lakeshore, with 40 of the most impressive exotics you'll ever see, like custom Maseratis and 200mph Jags leading the way to a set of Ferraris so fast that even the Micro Machines guy can't keep up with 'em.

Considered by many to be the most gorgeous road-going Jag ever produced, the 542hp XJ220 could really only do 217mph, which still made it faster than any Lamborghini or Ferrari of its day. This one's way less broken-in than Miley Cirus, with less than 1000mi on the clock, and it's only had one owner since new. Judging by the extremely narrow seats made to fit the buyer, that owner spent all of his food money on this car.

The Riva Tritone Ribot III was basically the Ferrari of 1960s Italian speedboats -- only it was one of a kind and powered by a couple of V8s built by Cadillac, a company known more for building land yachts. This thing was built as a personal favor to an Italian industrialist by a dude known for building the fastest, most luxurious wooden boats in the world in the early '60s, and had nearly 50% more power than the other speedboats of its day. It was so beloved by it's original owner that he had a perfect scale model of it built -- to display on his yacht.

2009 Maserati Touring Bellagio Fastback by Touring Superleggera
Sporting a custom body by the same folks that made the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante, this Maserati's been turned into a shooting brake -- what Europeans/rich people call station wagons -- that's got not just reclining rear seats, but a Champagne fridge, a spot for your dog, and a special compartment designed to hold two pairs of shotguns, because it's really not a shooting brake if you can't shoot anything with it.

1967 Lamborghini Miura P400
When the Miura was new, it was the car to have, with owners ranging from the Rat Pack, to Saudi kings, to Rod Stewart, who bought one for himself, then wrote "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy". This one's led an interesting life, with stops in Italy, Virginia, Dallas, and back to Italy, where it was fully restored.

1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta 'Competizione'
60yrs ago, this car competed in the famed 24hrs of Le Mans, and a few other races. Legend has it that this is the only factory Ferrari race car to have been driven by three different world champion drivers, but that didn't stop it from getting passed around even more than a Seattle "cigarette" for a few decades while it won all sorts of awards for just being really pretty. It's since gone under the knife to be even more pretty and is one of very few 60yr-olds that's aged better than Morgan Fairchild.

1985 Ferrari 288 GTO
The 288 GTO was more than just the spiritual predecessor to the F40: its engine and chassis were the mechanical sprouting point from which the F40 grew. Because they had to make at least 200 to qualify it as a "production" car for racing, Ferrari built 272 of these things before the class for which it was built was eliminated, making this a nearly 190mph-going, 400hp-having jilted lover monster roaming the 1980s streets.

1989 Ferrari F40
Any car guy that grew up in the '80s probably learned about things like carbon fiber and Kevlar while reading about the F40 on the glossy pages of car mags. This was the last car that Enzo Ferrari had a hand in designing, so, naturally, they named it after a very large bra size.

1997 Ferrari F50
Built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company, the F50 sported a 520hp V12 that was derived from Ferrari's actual Formula One engine of the early '90s. This one's the 283rd one built (outta 349), and was absolutely, definitely never used for an epic game of tug-of-war.

2004 Ferrari Enzo
Until the absolutely ridiculous LaFerrari hits the streets, the Enzo stood as the marque's most recent hypercar, and with 650hp, this one's actually got more horses than miles on the odometer. Officially, they only made 399 of these, although a 400th was given to Pope John Paul II, who for some reason auctioned it off instead of driving the coolest popemobile of all time.

2010 Ferrari 599XX
Calling the 599XX pretty quick is like calling Kate Upton kinda attractive. The 730 ponies it produces don't really explain how it's pretty much the fastest Ferrari you could ever drive without being a race car driver: this thing's got so many go-fast bits on it that they put fans in the trunk that can suck out air from under the car and shoot it through holes where the taillights once were, all in the aim of improving high-speed cornering. Oh, and it comes with the manufacturer's option of being permanently stored and maintained at Ferrari's factory in Maranello.