This fixed-gear commuter bike is a piece of art

Published On 07/30/2013 Published On 07/30/2013

When shopping for a commuter bike, you want to consider several factors: does it weave around well on city streets? Will it take up minimal space in your apartment or office bike storage area? Can you easily hoist it around? Is it sexier than everyone else's, thus making you sexier by proxy? If that last one's stumping you, meet the Viks, which meets all the others, and is looks damn good doing it.

In search of a unique two-wheeler to ride to work, the Estonian designer/engineer/owner of Velonia Bicycles Indrek Norusk decided to build one himself, and, inspired by classic cafe racer-style motorcycles, sketched out the Viks (roughly translating to "classy" or "gentlemanlike") in a coffee shop last fall. Following some 3D modeling, he machined the sleek, unconventional dual steel tube-framed whip in just a couple weeks, and started riding it around. People complimented him so frequently and asked where to get one, that he knew he had a hit on his hands and put it into production.

To order one of the 22lb beauties, simply shoot a note via his website, and he'll be in touch to gather your sizing info and preferred specs (e.g., crankset, saddle, and chain type), and ask about incorporating any custom requests, from color to wheel brand. And at his current production pace, it'll arrive at your door in about five weeks.



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