These tiny, old-school arcades play up to to 4000 games

illuminated mini arcade

While a retro arcade machine would be an incredible addition to your totally grown-up, not-at-all manchildish abode, it'd also end up taking precious space away from your ever-expanding Hot Wheels collection. Thankfully, now there's a way to get the full arcade experience without turning your pad into one big game room, thanks to Tiny Arcade Machines.

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Built by an electrical engineer who's spent nearly 30yrs repairing old Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and other classic arcade rigs, these sub-$1500 jobbers operate just like traditional consoles (and come in both one- and two-player models), except they're missing the space-hogging bottom half, as all the components have been meticulously fit into a smaller, uber-portable cabinet that'll easily rest on your coffee or kitchen table.

mortal combat mini arcade

Each one comes with your choice of a 17" or 19" LCD monitor, and is equipped with a front end OS that incorporates 14 systems in one e.g., SNES, Playstation 1, Sega Genesis, and MAME (the traditional arcade console system), enabling the play of up to 3735 (!) different games. And you even get your pick of the title displayed along the illuminated marquee.