This 4th of July, 25 ways to start cookin' with gas... or charcoal, or infrared, or suede

Ribs on the grill

As the very first method of cooking food, grilling's done a lot for humans over the years -- you know, little things, like making our brains bigger, our legs longer, and, with the exception of the subspecies known as Bird Man, our arms shorter. But grilling's evolved too, so if you want your brain to get even bigger, read up on the latest ways to hold lesser species over the flame.

The Hot Pot BBQ

A secret Hot Pot BBQ
For the bizarro world of the future where pot is legal and grilling is outlawed.

The iGrill

The iGrill with Bluetooth-enabled meat-monitoring
The iGrill lets your smartphone know in real time what the internal temperature of your meat is, which means you're free from worrying "should I text my brisket, or does that make me look too clingy?"

A handmade wood cutting board from 50 Splinters

This handmade wooden cutting board from 50 Splinters
They also provide cherrywood chunks to use in your smoker while your custom wooden cutting board looks on in horror.

The Kettle Pizza

The Kettle Pizza home pizza oven grill modification kit
"Yeah, we definitely have room for vegetables on the grill... pizza's a vegetable, right?"

The Lotus Grill

The portable, smokeless Lotus Grill
Perfect for beachside banquets and quickly packing up beachside banquets when the cops show up to Leonardo DiCaprio's currently for-sale $23,000,000 Malibu property and you're afraid "we're interested, but we're not sold yet" won't beat a trespassing charge.

Sugar Bob's Smoked Maple Syrup

Sugar Bob's Smoke Maple Syrup glaze/dip/deliciousness
Perfect for Grill-cakes (Grill-cakes copyright Thrillist 201rightnow).

Smokin' Joe's BBQ Sprayer

The Smokin' Joe's BBQ Sprayer
Give the brush the brush.

The Tactical BBQ Apron

Tactical BBQ Apron with 9 included accessories
It's even machine-washable so it's burger-proof and bulletproof... looking.

ThermaShell Pro

The ThermaShell Pro grill and smoker
This kinda green, heat-retaining grill-cum-smoker plans on grilling-cum-smoking the competition while using less charcoal.

Honey Badger Sauce

Honey Badger spicy honey sauce
Pairs perfectly with cobra.

Beetnick's Summer Pack tasting menu
The Austin company delivers "delicious, wholesome, sustainable food". And steaks!

A Grillin' Villain Joker apron

Grillin' Villain pop-culture aprons
These aprons depict fictional bad guys like Boba Fett. Unlike Han, this meat is good to you dead.

This Balcony Railing Grill
For if you don't have a backyard, or just love effing with pigeons.

The Ham Dogger ham dogging

The Ham Dogger
Only a fool would try making a giant, hot dog-shaped hamburger without this mold or with this mold.

The Gourmet Burger Stuffer

Sur La Table's gourmet burger stuffer
"Stuffing burgers can be messy. And frustrating. And even painful! But not anymore: introducing The Stuff-A-Burger."

The Blacktop 360 Grill-Fryer

The Blacktop Party Hub 360 Grill-Fryer with warming table
360 also describes how much you'll weigh after buying this thing.

Chicago Cut Steak Knives

Chicago Cut Steak Knives
Deeper cuts from Chicago than "Questions 67 and 68" off The Chicago Transit Authority.

Norpro BBQ Branding Iron

Norpro BBQ Branding Iron
The crappy part is that if you catch someone eating your burger, you can't hang them. It's just like, "That's obviously my burger", "Yeah, what are you going to do about it, hang me? Ha ha ha."

Doublekick caffeinated hot sauce

DoubleKick caffeinated hot sauce
Like anyone needed more of an excuse to have barbecue for breakfast.

Plow and Hearth foldable grill tools

Plow and Hearth foldable grill tools
Handsome and foldable, this is the Harry Houdini of grilling tool sets.

Suede barbecue gloves

Extra long, super heat-resistant suede barbecue gloves
This suede stands up to over 600 degrees. Elvis would've killed for a suit made of this stuff.

Grillbots assembled, plotting.

The Grillbot robot grill cleaner
Because robots > wire brushes.

A TRU-Infrared Grill

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared infrared cooking grill
The only Predator-approved grill on the market today.

The Voto in action

The VOTO campfire electronics charger
Charge your phone while making your dinner so you can Instagram it while it's #still #hot.

The Rockin' Fork

Gama-Go's BBQ Rockin'd Fork
Grill out with your dill out.

You ready to get slightly more advanced than this?