This apocalypse-ready house is completely underground

Built in the seventies by an eccentric millionaire who believed the Cold War would only end in mass destruction, this house can be lived in for an entire year without having to go above ground. For $1.7 million, you can move in and chill in the hot tub, the sauna, or the pool while the zombie uprising takes place 26 feet above you.

This is the front door. To your other house. The one underground. Come on in!

If this kitchen doesn't scream authentic seventies to you, then we really don't know what does. The toaster is in the wall.

Who says you can't get a fire going underground?

You shouldn't stop grilling just because the world is ending.

Your underground hideaway has to have an outdoors. Naturally there are three settings to the light: day, evening, and night (stars included).

Make sure you pack a swimsuit for the apocalypse. You're gonna need it.

Even though there's only chaos above you, down in your underground house you can't hear it. You just look outside to the murals depicting nature as it once was, and know you'll outlive everyone by a little bit longer.