This watch has a tiny mechanical bird in it that sings. Seriously.

Perhaps you recently glanced at your extraordinarily expensive luxury watch and thought, man, this timepiece could really use an animatronic bird flapping and chirping underneath the glass. Then again, maybe you didn't. Irregardless, renowned Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz is celebrating its 275th birthday with a cuckoo clock-inspired, gold-and-sapphire eccentricity called This Charming Bird. The 47-mm diameter timepiece featuring a noisy little songbird is on sale for a cool $500,000, and designed for that extremely coveted demographic: millionaires who value miniaturized robo-pets that squeak at them. Jaquet Droz is only producing 28 of the things. And as silly as it sounds, the watch is no doubt an engineering marvel, fitting the fully-motional pipsqueak into a tiny bubble. If you really just have to have a ridiculously expensive piece of Swiss horlogerie with a 28-of-a-kind accent, you’re not going to find much better than this.

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