This timepiece lets you know when you've been overserved

kisai breathalyzer

Helping you keep tabs on closing time at the bar and whether you'll be good to drive by then, Tokyoflash's latest LCD wristclock not only provides the date and time, but can also measure BAC on demand.

To do a reading, simply open the sensor cap on the edge, press the "alcohol" button, and give it a 5sec blow (wait 15ish mins after sipping any booze for the most accurate reading). The right side of the face's screen will then light up in a specific color to indicate your level of intoxication: green means sober, yellow is buzzing, and red suggests you should be calling a cab. Or a pedi-cab. Or a dude riding a unicycle with a basket attached to it. And to help estimate whether you'd successfully pass a sobriety test, it's even stocked with a game that tests hand/eye coordination and reaction time.